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>>chicago is sizzling even in the early hours you find little relief ... >>when you transfer manner, you have to get as many runs as you can ... i can't miss too many days ... >>july is typically chicago's hottest month but it has been a long time since we have seen a long stretch of such oppressive heat ... 9 degree temperatures arrive sunday afternoon when the heat index hit one of three on the lakefront 1 01 at midway and 99 degrees at o'hare ... >>i have ceiling fans it's really hot and i take multiple shower is ... >>overnight the bank neon at wacker said 95 ... >>firefighters on the south side were fighting a bundle of fire that was oppressive ...
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>>we tend to endure and deal with it here in chicago it's much nicer to be at the swimming pool then to be shoveling out the snow ... >>the city of chicago has cooling centers open for people who do not have access to air- conditioning you cancel the non emergency 311 hotline for information or check the city's website ... libraries are also serving as cooling centers ... >>it's been a brutal summer nationwide with at least 40 states sizzling in the heat wave ... in minneapolis the heat index was over 100 degrees on sunday several fans at the trans-royals game needed medical attention. in oklahoma the temperature has been over a hundred degrees 27 days so far this summer ... experts say you
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need to take it easy in this kind of dangerous heat ... >>unfortunately when it's hot outside you can overheat and that leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke ... >>the national weather service declared excessive heat warning sunday and at least 14 states most in the upper midwest ... >>the bodies of two people who went missing after their boat overturned during the race to mackinac at have been found. the boat called the wing nuts overturned just after midnight after fast-moving storm hit northern michigan. eight people were thrown into the water near foxx all and 6 were rescued by another boat because artificial believe the other to ground the 300 mi. race began in chicago on saturday with the finish line and mackinac at michigan ... >>two men face charges in the stabbing attack in the lakeview neighborhood 26 year-old demetrius moore will appear in bond court today he is charged with felony aggravated battery
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and felony drug possession a second step suspect 23 year-old israel johnson is charged with misdemeanor battery >>more and johnson are accused of stabbing a 24 for year-old man and the back as he was walking in the 900 block of west belmont early saturday the victim is in good condition >>a man accused of murdering a teenage girl from the south suburban state tour will be arraigned in virginia today the body of 18 year-old daniel denis town was found in the trunk of 19 year-old enrico moscaro is car on friday night police issued a nationwide alert for danielle after finding a crime scene they tracked her cell phone to his parked car when they searched the trunk they found daniel inside an autopsy will determine her cause of death ... >>the chicago police department honor the fallen officer this morning officer michael bailey was shot and killed one year ago today laughlin is your car
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outside of this home on the south side it was a month for retirement when he died the superintendent garry mccarthy and other officers paid tribute to him in a ceremony at the central district about two weeks ago 24 year-old prison inmate was questioned in his murder but no charges have yet been filed >>and starting this week more chicago police officers will be out on the streets mayor manuel and police superintendent garry mccarthy are adding 92 beat cops too high crime areas by thursday or than half of those are new graduates from the police academy several officers were pulled from city hall to the others will be reassigned from administrative jobs ... >>the mayor makes more cost- cutting changes to city services were chicago residents will be getting recycling and their neighborhoods and some of the pickups will be by private companies monica schneider is live to break it down from the newsroom ... >>the mayor claims that the job on recycling pickups can be done for half the price from private
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outside firms so under his new plan a portion of the work will be held by the city's blue trucks by beginning soon waste management and midwest metal with a low price bidders for the job and they will take over several routes those cost savings for recycling pickups the services can be expanded into wicker park and bucktown ... >>i promise to do this during the campaign it's the right thing to do for the city it's the right thing to do for the residents the taxpayers and everybody involved to bring a service that for too long is not measured up to what we know the city can do and has done in the past ... >>the mayor says it's all about making the city greener and more cost-effective ... >>but unlike last week when the he called for up to 625 city union worker layoffs to save
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money no layoffs are involved in this deal instead that this place blue cart recycle workers will be reassigned to other vacant positions within the department of streets and sanitation ... >>its foreseeable city layoffs can happen if these private companies are cost effective the mayor prefers not to lay any more people off but he does want to see cost concessions from the union on this project ... >>illinois has a new casino it opened its doors a short time ago julian crews is live and des plaines with a preview ... >>it is busy here given the central location in heavily populated cook county many analysts predict this new facility will be illinois is highest grossing casino ...
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>>illinois newest casino has a major advantage when it comes to the casinos for starters it's not a river boat which gave owners the opportunity to create an impressive 44,000 ft gaming floor and entertainment complex with restaurants and other features to draw gamblers and chicago land >>people stood in line for hours to be a first to hit the floor the rivers casino has been three years in the works and the illinois gaming commission picked des plaines as the host for the 10th casino license is 16 mi. drive from the loop and minutes from o'hare and rosemont convention visitors many say it will be a illinois busiest many standing in line say would like to see downtown chicago had its own casino >>this is where we live we pay
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property taxes the governor needs to sign the bill and give us a casino downtown as well >>the governor says new legislation to dramatically expand gambling as excessive the future for a downtown casino is not certain >>one thing appears to be crystal clear this new casino and des plaines is very popular right now on opening day we have seen long lines outside the building with people waiting to go in at this point in time it's filled to capacity ... >>next on the noon news a second scotland yard official resigns and what this whole hacking scandal means for rupert murdoch ... >>the whereabouts of casey anthony is a closely guarded
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secret and what her lawyers are and are not saying about her new life >>and a violent storm and ottawa collapses you know when something's
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fallout continues in the wake of the british pound hacking scandal. two of london's top police officers resigned in less than 24 hours and prime minister david cameron is now calling for an emergency session of parliament ... >>london's police chief paul stevenson resigned last night followed by assistant commissioner john yates. sir paul stephenson came under fire for hiring former news of the world executive neil wallace as a consultant gates was the official who decided not to reopen police inquiries into phone hacking and police barbara by tabloid journalists who work for rupert murdoch's paper the
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paper's former editor rebekah brooks is also out on bail she's suspected phone hacking and bribing police for information tomorrow rupert murdoch and his son james are expected to be grilled as a parliamentary committee on the case ... >>it's casey anthony second day as a free woman but she has not been seen since leaving till sunday morning even her own parents don't know where shi'ahs catherine callaway is in orlando with the latest on what's next ... >>casey anthony left a florida jail sunday morning and to the cover of darkness she has not been seen in public since then ... >>it's our strong suspicion that she's no longer here in orlando jose baez said the intent was to leave orlando immediately it would be safer for all involved if she did leave the state ... >>her parents do not know where
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their daughter is but they have been told that she is safe ... cindy anthony received a brief text from her lawyer that they prefer to hear directly from their daughter ... >>as for those protesters who expressed outrage at her acquittal on murder charges and her subsequent release from prison they were noticeably quieter on sunday ... a group rocked silently between the anthony home and the place where the remains were found in 2008 ... >>the verdict is read its over what's done is done somebody else will take care of it in the and and we need to all say our goodbyes to the anthony family and caylee's site of burial ... >>casey anthony is being sued by a texas company looking to
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recover expenses for the search of the missing little girl ... >>members of the legal team say they will not release whereabouts of their client because of safety concerns ... >>there is speculation as to whether she will try to sell her story and whether she will change her identity and even her physical appearance ... >>classic rock band cheap trick took a tumble sunday night and the canadian stage they were planning on collapsed ... and your footage seen here shows the stage as 60 mi. per hour winds blew into the area the band was able to get away safely but one person was reported to have life-threatening injuries the ottawa stage was a maze of tangled metal girders after that incident and this stages were closed for the remainder of the day due to the servicsevere storms ... >>a historic moment the
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international stage space station ... the shuttle and its crew set to buy for the very last time this marks the end of the 30 year program ... if smollett u.s. flag that flew aboard columbia on the very first shuttle mission in 1981 was given to members of the states to space station the flag of a return to earth when americans are launched again from u.s. soil aboard commercially developed aircraft ... >>china is critical of president obama's talks with the dollar at, and says the meeting damage chinese-american relations the deli lamas now in chicago sunday he spoke at the university of illinois chicago pavilion about religious tolerance pursuit of happiness he told the audience that the science and faith can coexist before leaving the dali lama plus several people by wrapping a white silk scarf
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the phone hacking scandal at news corp. continues to develop rupert murdoch and his son james murdock are preparing testimony with advisers today ahead of the parliamentary committee hearings tomorrow given their responsibility ... people are wondering if murdoch should step down altogether ... independent directors at the company are wondering if the firm would be better off without rupert murdoch at the home ... >>analysts say the company may be worth 50 percent more of its
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current value without murdoch in charge ... >>many companies are optimistic but they just don't plan to hire people or add jobs instead they rather invest ... there would rather increase capital spending than invest in peril ... >>the labor department has launched two contests with the kind$70,000 in prize money for the best applications that will connect unemployed workers to promising careers and consumer choices in certain industries ... >>homebuilders are now trying
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to stand out by going green as housing slumps and tear this yearb enter a sixth year... right now stocks are extending the drops from last week the dow is down more than a hundred and 69 points amid fears of debt crisis in europe and here in the u.s. ... >>and gold prices are hitting all-time highs ... >>save your money steve if you want to buy gold is hit another record above $1,607 per ounce
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the international security assistance force has not released the nationalities of those soldiers killed most of the foreign soldiers serving in the region along the border with pakistan are apt americanamericans ... >>the military casualties coincide with a change of foreign military command and afghanistan. nato is getting ready to hand over provincial security to afghan forces today general david petraeus turned over his post as u.s. commander in afghanistan to general john allen patras' will start a new job in september as head of cia ... >>and washington the political wrangling over raising the debt ceiling goes on with no significant progress reported in the latest discussion if the deal cannot be reached by august 2nd to increase the borrowing limit the government will not have enough money to pay its bills ... robert jordan has a
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live report ... >>republicans in washington already have pushed through plans to push a tea party proposal that would raise the debt ceiling but cap government spending at a percentage of the gross domestic product ... $112 billion would be slashed from the fiscal budget for 2011 ... >>a major event will happen this week which is the house of representatives going on record in favor of a debt ceiling
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elimination in return for a balanced budget amendment to the constitution which is what we should have said the cut cap and balance plan is going forward ... >>the notion that we will amend the constitution and maybe get it through congress and wait for 3/4 to enact back and wait several years to implement it will not make anyone feel like we're taking our jobs seriously ... members of congress both parties have the ability to tackle this issue why do we want to wait for a constitutional amendment process that will take years is just ridiculous ... >>senator durban also confirms that we will know by the end of the week whether an agreement is near ... >>but we risk having a lower credit rating from the wall street analysts ... >>tom skilling will be next with
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we are feeling the heat out there and tom skilling says there may be storms coming as well ... >>we have all of the ingredients for potentially severe weather it will not be continuous there will come in clusters but this is a northwest flow situation ...
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there are small squall lines moving along at great speeds evidenced by that tragedy and the mackinac act sailboat race last night this will happen in waves over the same area for a repeated. of time ... the people begin to rebuild again but we may temper that heat for a couple of days before wednesday or thursday but we could be up to 100 degrees for the first time in several years here in chicago ... we have had formidable wends in some locations we have so forming and running self
12:32 pm
running along the rim of that hot air dome and we have heeded risers across 16 states heat advisory's across 16 states ... over the next couple of days we will have the threat of severe storms coming in waves in random and small concentrations ... there is quite a squall line developing for tonight
12:33 pm
accompanied by formidlble thunder storms.. we are in for some severe weather tomorrow from the canadian border south to our area ... and in the rain forecast we can get almost and angela brain inch of rain.. the heat
12:34 pm
advisory's will extend to even more sitesstates.. 93 in desw moines now.. still muggy but 86 degress at this time here.. 76 degree dew point.. like amazon river humidity ..
12:35 pm
here's the troublemaker: intense heat firing up and the dakotas running southeast.. later in the week the heat develops with a vengeance pershing storms to the northushing storms to the north.. we have moderate allergy indicators for today.. we're looking at these heat indices ms local regionin our local region 86 is the current temperature at
12:36 pm
o'hare... we're desperately dry so we do need some rain and some areas have had less than a quarter of a normal rainfall since the beginning of june. that's the upside of this ... we will reach a high of 91 degrees today ... tonight gusty winds and powerful new store ms.. tomorrow we will have clouds and mixed son with thunderstorm clusters still possible the high temperature will be 88 degrees 84 at the beaches but wednesday will be intensely hot and humid to 98
12:37 pm
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12:40 pm
hayes ruled safe replay shows he was clearly out it should of been the final out of the inning instead two batters later bases were loaded kerry wood walked greg dobbs on four straight pitches kerry wood gave up two more runs and the cubs lost 7-5 they fell 20 games below 500. the white sox lead the tigers 3- 1 in the sixth inning ozzie left phil humber in to face victor martina's and it cost him two runs score and the game was tied he was pulled chris sale on and two batters later carlos guillen drives in martinez that would be the winning run the sox lost 4-3 the still won the series four games out of first place ... the u.s. women's soccer team will have to settle with being no. 2 was into japan in the women's
12:41 pm
world cup up 2-1 on japan in extra time corner kick and it's a score of the redirection they go to the penalty kicks for the u.s. missed his first three so hope solo needed to come up with the save and she could not for the first time in 26 tries japan beat the united states winning its first-ever women's world cup soccer championship ... >>here are the winning lottery numbers ... for the pick three game: 5 6 8 for the pick four game: 6 8 3 8
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a colorado woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly groped to tsa agent at phoenix's sky harbor airport police say that 61 year-old yukari mihamae refused to go
12:46 pm
through the mandatory screening on thursday and began arguing with gsa agents there then she allegedly grabbed one agents breasts ... >>police say mihamae admitted to grabbing at the patient ... she faces a felony count of sex abuse ... >>and the medical watch some encouraging news about early detection of alzheimer's disease ... scientists have found a simple light salmon detect early stages of the disease the test involves photographing blood vessels and the retina alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia and affects 35 million people worldwide including more than 5 million in the united states disease causes problems with memory judgment and thinking currently there is no cure for alzheimer's but scientists are pulled off the the early detection can help
12:47 pm
... falls may also be an early indicator of alzheimer's researchers at washington university in st. louis asked a group of older adults with and without alzheimer's to keep a journal, a times they felt over the course of this study ... the study participants had pet scans to look for a compound that can indicate the presence of blacks a sign of alzheimer's development in the brain ... >>the researchers found twice the risk faults for people with higher levels of that compound ... and children now less likely to be injured in car accidents when it grandparent is behind the wheelitst
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it's time now for a lunch break ... you can't always guarantee your ingredients are fresh we are learning to make our own sausages justin white executive chef at small bar and honor phil mcfarland are here to show us how ... we started featuring craft beers and that was great but we wanted to raise the level on our accompanying food ... this is a small and simple sausage with pork shoulder the best cut you can utilize for this purpose it is natural marveling at a 70% ... ratio ... we add salt pepper should
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done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. and now the answer to today's trivia question: which german- american photographer was the key influence in the pictorial movement? the answer is alfred stieglitz.. >>we see a break in the heat next week but it will be a long spell we also have a tropical storm and the atlantic basin because it is hurricane season this thing has been pressuring the bahamas is it working its way out to sea but brett has 150
12:58 pm
mi. per hour winds right now ... >>lets look at the rate are closer to home ... we are at the edge of this hot air domed working its way across the central united states we have lots of thunderstorm outflows that will affect us for today and tomorrow by saturday it will be intensely hot wednesday and thursday the hottest days of the week ... we are working on mid 90 to 100 degree temperatures ... by 8:00 this evening we have a thunderstorm working its way south from the wisconsin line it will hit the city by 10:00 p.m. and proceed south toward the track of tomorrows the storms will be south and west of the
12:59 pm
city but we will have to watch for those possible storms tomorrow ... the high temperatures will warburg work its way into the 70 and 80 degree range but it will be very humid.. western and southern illinois will be much higher higher, we are conservative for the 95 degree forecast we have at o'hare by thursday.. thunderstorms are in the picture that could be severe and we will keep watching them for a ... here's the five day temperature reading ... all hot and climbing ... >>thanks for

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